Where can I receive my order?

You can receive it at the address you want, just leave it when you buy the product.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

What is the estimated time of delivery?

Due to the handmade character of all our products, the delivery time can vary up to a maximum of 15 working days.



I need my order for a specific date before those 15 working days. What do I do, will I get it in time?

Sí. In case we need your order for a specific date before those 15 working days, please contact us to try to speed up the process in the workshop. We can do it for sure!



¿How much are the shipping costs?


Europe: 9€.

Rest of the world: 12€.

More information in Shipping, changes and returns



¿What happens if I am not available when my order arrives?

We cannot confirm exact order delivery times, but if you are only available in a certain time slot please let us know so that we can inform the transport company. If you are not available on the day of delivery for collection, the transport company will leave you a notification so that you can contact them and arrange a new delivery.




In which countries can I buy through the online shop? 

You can buy from any country and we ship to any country in the world. We have international shipping and accept payment methods such as Paypal or bank card payment, which facilitate the process. Si tienes cualquier tipo de duda puedes contactarnos en .








Do I have to pay anything for the return?


If you receive your order and the item you have purchased does not satisfy you, you can return it at no cost for customers in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. Except for personalized and outlet products that do not accept returns.


If it is an order from outside mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands, the return fee will be deducted from the total amount of the purchase.

See the shipping, returns and exchanges section for more information.




How do I return an item?

You can contact us by phone at 983-29-44-33 or by sending an email to




How long does it take to make a return?

You will have a maximum of 30 calendar days from the receipt of the article, to make the return please contact us as soon as possible by calling (+34) 983-29-44-33 or sending an email to


Customized items according to consumer specifications or outlet products cannot be returned.



The product cannot be returned once it has been used, or if it has been altered or modified.


How will I receive my refund?

Once the return is received and it is confirmed that everything is correct we will proceed to refund the amount in the same method of payment that the purchase was made. 




When will I receive my refund?

Once the return verification is received, it should take no more than 72 hours. If there is a delay, please contact us to resolve it. 



Can I return products that belong to the "Outlet" or "Custom" category?

Unfortunately, we do not accept exchanges or returns on these products.  




Can I change my size, once the order has been received?

Yes, please check Shipping, changes and returns



Can I change the height, once the order is received?

Yes, please check Shipping, changes and returns



Can I change the model, once the order has been received?

Yes, please check Shipping, changes and returns







I haven't received the confirmation email, what can I do?

There may have been a computer error, so please contact our customer service department and they will resolve the incident as soon as possible. 



What are the payment options on the page?

Ernesto Terrón - Online store offers two payment methods:

Bank transfer.


I have a discount code, how do I use it?

In the purchase process, on the right side, you will see a box where you will have to enter the code and click on "apply". The discount code will be applied immediately.

Is it safe to order online?

Of course! In our online store we have all the security protocols, so that all your payments are safe, we also have SSL certificate.




Is it mandatory to create an account to buy online?

It is not mandatory, you can make the purchase as a guest, without creating an account.


What if I forget my password?

You will be able to recover it from the section of my account, accessing to password reminder.



How tall are the heels?


We have three heights, although not all of them are available for all the articles. To know the offer you can access the article itself in the online shop and check the purchase options.

The three heel heights available are 7, 9 and 11 centimeters.


How tall is the front platform?


For heel height 7 cm it is 2 cm.

For heel height 9 centimeters is 3 cm.

For a heel height of 11 centimetres it is 4 cm. 

Is the height of the heel total or must the front platform be added?

The total heel height is 7, 9 and 11 cm.


How do I know what my ideal size is, what kind of last you use?


For the manufacture of our shoes we use a standard last so we recommend ordering the same size that is usually used in this same type of footwear. If your foot tends to be a little narrower, especially in the instep area, we recommend ordering a smaller size than usual. If it happens the opposite, that the foot tends to be a little wider especially in the instep area we recommend ordering a larger size. This is to prevent the shoe from pressing on the forefoot where the straps cross. It is only advisable to change size if you suffer from this type of problem with your footwear on a regular basis.

How does personalization work?


We have a service of personalization espadrilles, this service is not footwear to measure. Among the services we offer are the following:

Modification of the colour of the embroidery.

Modification of the colour of the leather of the ankle strap.

Use of other people's embroideries or the fabric of the dress itself.




How can I clean jute, leather and suede products?


We recommend using a little neutral soap and very little warm water if the stains are not from wine or a product that is very difficult to remove. You can use a toothbrush or a small brush and rub gently, dry the excess water and let it dry. If you have dry dirt such as mud or similar, clean it first.

For the skin parts you can use the same cleaning method, we recommend you to moisturize the area properly afterwards.

For suede shoes, we recommend cleaning with specific products for this material, it may be highly recommended to use water-repellent products to preserve the life of the shoes.

The product may have small variations in colour, texture and shape. These are due to the handcrafted nature of both the fabrics and the manufacture of the footwear. 


What is the best care for espadrilles?


We recommend that you always keep your shoes in the box provided. Avoid placing your shoes in wet or damp areas. If possible, keep them in the bag provided and with the padding to preserve their shape.